Executive & Business Leadership

Choosing YOUR Inner Circle
p21.  Keep your antennae on high alert

Watch what is going on around you.  Observe what people do, what they say, who they seem to relate to and who they ignore. Ask yourself  questions like Who seems to be a natural leader?  Who demonstrates high skill levels? Who is constantly seeking your attention?
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The Beach Head Strategy

The movie Saving Private Ryan portrayed with savage realism the D-Day Invasion and the awful brutality of war. But it also introduced the younger generation to an amazing event that was the turning point of World War 2. The mission was to extract Europe from the grip of Adolf Hitler.

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Confrontation - The Thing No One Wants To Do

This talk draws on the work of John Maxwell and explores one of the most difficult task facing leaders and managers today. Confrontation is common in the workplace and organisations are deleteriously affected if poor relationships are not restored. The effect on morale, productivity, performance is serious. Read further if you want to learn how to confront in a positive way and get your team to pull together.

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Leadership Lessons from the Life of JFK

A characteristic that great leaders have in common is an awareness that they’re meant to do something with their lives - a sense of destiny. In a study of 490 eminent people, a sense of destiny was found to be a common trait. Philip Baker examines the life of JFK and draws out leadership attributes from his life which can enhance our own personal impact and sense of destiny.

The following four candidates were all once famous leaders. If faced with an election which of the following would you vote for?
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