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The Work Trap
It seems that most men are reluctant to bare their inner souls and to openly address the bigger questions of life - the ones we all ask, perhaps mutely, but only occasionally share, and then only with those we know well and trust. I suspect this is partly because Australians in particular are coy about baring their souls philosophically. So at the risk of not being published again I emerge from my cocoon to ask, “What is the ultimate purpose of our lives, our work, our careers?” Dust to dust, ashes to ashes?
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The High Cost of Divorce
A large number of people who have divorced, often say they would have made different choices if they had prior knowledge of the real cost of divorce to their lives. RIC BENSON looks at the issues when considering a divorce.
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It’s Not the Lack of Money that’s the Problem!
It has been said that the ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’ However, most people feel it is the ‘lack of money’ that causes all of their problems!
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Is Your Marriage On-Purpose?

p1Central to being On-Purpose is the living out of one's purpose in all  relationships and life areas. It is about aligning the Purpose of the person with the Purpose of the organisation (Pp<->Po). The organisation, of course, can be a home, a marriage, a business, a government department, a country and so on. Central to this alignment is significance and belonging. Where people feel their contribution is not meaningful and they don't feel valued and part of a team, this alignment is missing. This means that people, by definition, are Off-Purpose in that environment and relationship.

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So What’s in Your Box? – From Success to Significance

p1One of my roles as a life coach is to help people gain clarity and balance in their lives.  This is the age of "hurry sickness" and we can witness this everyday as we travel on the roads, queue at shopping check outs, cross roads, being too busy to invest time with family or friends and so on.  People everywhere are struggling to juggle day-to-day work and family pressures, learn new and changing technologies, and cope with personal financial pressures. Their lives are filled yet unfulfilled. These realities are impacting families and the workplace.  Burnout is rife! Is your life anything like this?

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