Every Aussie On-Purpose!

Since our inception we have always been passionate about helping individuals and organisations to be On-Purpose. This passion and vision initially came from the work of Kevin J McCarthy and in particular, his book The On-Purpose Person.

So, after ten years of delivering the On-Purpose message through coaching, training, speaking and writing, what still gets us out of bed each day? It is still the same - the challenge of helping individuals and organisations to be On-Purpose.

As great as our nation might be, sadly we are a nation that is increasingly Off-Purpose.

Seen very broadly and despite all the programs our Governments fund, this is largely due to a lack of personal and professional leadership. Some of the following statistics are cause for concern.

Over 90% of Australians work in cultures of negativity and fear (Human Synergistics)

  • Some 70% of Australians are unhappy or ambivalent about their work (with poor management and leadership being a major factor for this (Seek 2010)

  • Nearly 40% of workforce professionals want to downshift

  • Our divorce rate is soaring resulting in enormous costs to families, finances and friends

  • Over 1 million children live in homes without a father

  • Depression affects 1/5 to 1/6 men and women

  • Our national health bill continues to soar out of control

Without doubt there is a desperate need for wellness in our complicated society. Increased stress, relationship breakdown and physical, mental and emotional ailments are directly linked to the dysfunctional patterns of our personal lives. People and communities are off-purpose. We see both communities as well as the families within them collapsing with changing values and a lack of education regarding personal life skills and principles for living.

However, to counter this, we have been noticing greater numbers of professionals wanting to downshift career wise. Such individuals are looking to exchange burnout and fatigue for balance, meaning and Purpose in their lives.

For such people, "hurry sickness"; too little time for family, fitness and fun; multiple roles pulling them in different directions and out of control schedules have lost their allure. Trying to live up to others' expectations has meant that they have lost touch with what is most important to them and they are realising it. From a new paradigm they can observe the frustration, depression and anxiety of off-purpose individuals and businesses.

It is not hard to see that low self-worth, a lack of confidence and fear are just some factors impacting negatively on Australian society. Just watch the news and read the papers! These conditions are preventing many from having peace of mind and diverting them from the real goal that most people we have come across articulate - to live full, rich and meaningful lives.

In the business and professional sector, some organisations are beginning to recognise that employees have a life outside work. They are to be commended. However they are in the minority and there is significantly less job satisfaction and loyalty in the work place than many people realise. Seek (2010) reports, for example, that a lack of appreciation by management counts for 20% of Australians not being happy at work. Work place performance diminishes when people are not valued or appreciated by management, when they are stressed and struggle to balance work, change and new technologies with personal life issues.

So what are we about? To help our fellow Aussies become more On-Purpose through building and developing personal, business and executive leadership capacity and capability and helping them work through some of the issues outlined above.

There is a great need for coaching and training that produces real and sustainable life transformation in individuals with an intentional effort to rebuild and realign people's intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional lives, in homes and workplaces. Our On-Purpose Programs have helped many clients achieve this.

Many young people have lost traditional role models due to family relationship breakdowns. The On-Purpose Programs are a constructive way of changing the detrimental effects of this by providing positive strategies to move forward.

As individuals and as a nation there is a strong need for us to reinvent ourselves personally and professionally. It is our vision to see every Aussie living On-Purpose. We invite you to catch this vision and join us so, collectively, we can become On-Purpose as a nation.


Managing Directors, On-Purpose Partners.